Social media strategy.

Why do you need to be sociable? As the digital landscape evolves, social platforms are becoming increasingly powerful in delivering brand awareness and generating new revenue streams.

They have evolved from simple blogs and networks into a sophisticated world of digital platforms, global networks and virtual communities. It’s for this reason that social media can no longer be ignored and should be seen as an essential element of any digital strategy.

Before you can set up Facebook, Twitter or YouTube it is vital you understand why you are doing it, we would look to identify your core goals and objectives and how you can use social tools to achieve them. Your social strategy should determine the social tools you use, not the other way round. Our social media services are flexible and can adapt to whatever your business needs, we can also provide support in developing custom Facebook pages, content aggregation, community engagement, blogging and basically anything social.

Social platform engagement.

So why use Facebook? Because everyone else is doing it?

That approach won’t work: it will lead to a lack of engagement and it’ll probably take up loads of time and you’ll end up not bothering because you don’t see the results. We work with you to understand which platform is right for you. Facebook does most certainly not fit all!

There are literally thousands of platforms online, and some have a very specific target audience. As part of our social strategy or social training we identify the right platform to help your business achieve your goals and objectives. We will work with your team to set up social media accounts and help them to manage the activity effectively.

Social monitoring.

Want to know what everyone is saying about you?

When you are participating in digital activity it is critical that you know what your audience is saying about you. We work with clients to integrate social media monitoring into their social and digital strategies. Social monitoring can be used to build relationships between the organisation and your end user.

If you would like us to help with your social media project please get in touch here!

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